What to expect? 

On our two-hour public sails, you can expect to step back in time on both our Schooners, built in 1912 and 1924. Both listed on the U.S. Registry of Historic Places, Schooner Wendameen and Schooner Bagheera offer a unique experience that's once in a lifetime. 

We sail rain or shine, so expect to be ready for whatever weather may bring. We suggest bringing along items to be weather ready (sunscreen, extra layers, hats, etc.). 

If you have never been sailing before, prepare to fall in love. The term 'Smooth Sailing' is exactly what you will experience on our Windjammer sails. You can sit back and relax, or jump up and assist the crew with setting sail. When we get off the dock and and all of our sails set, the Captain will turn off the engines and off we go. The boats will lean over when the wind catches the sails, this is called heeling. It's perfectly normal, and it's what these boats were designed to do. 

Portland Schooner Company is not held responsible for any of your personal belongings (Cameras, purses, bags, coolers etc.). So, please make sure all your items are strapped to your persons, or kindly ask the crew to stow your items below. In the event of any of these items going overboard, we can not turn around to retrieve them.

We cannot wait for you to come aboard- what are you waiting for? Get your tickets today.